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Discreet Services provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures “TSCM” in Arizona and California. The term “Technical Surveillance Countermeasures” comes from an old term the government used to describe searching for hidden cameras, hidden audio devices and other eavesdropping devices. Most people know or refer to this service as a “bug sweep”. Our Clients request this type of service for various reasons or concerns, however, they are all looking to determine whether or not their home, office, boardrooms or vehicles are compromised. During this service, we deploy at least a two man team based on the size of the location to be swept, and the threat assessment. We utilize detection equipment from REI, the leading provider in TSCM equipment. We also use additional tools such as FLIR thermal camera, digital inspection cameras, and more. Most importantly, we have the experience to conduct a thorough physical inspection as well. During a physical inspection we look for hidden devices that might not be currently transmitting, or signs of previously installed devices in places like home attics and more.

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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Residences

The most common reason for Clients to request a bug sweep in their residence is to detect hidden audio surveillance equipment, hidden surveillance cameras, signs of previously installed devices and security flaws. This is often in response of a Client being stalked by a previous partner. During these searches, we scan a wide frequency range and scan the entire residence with a thermal imaging camera from FLIR. This device detects heat signatures which aids in detecting hidden electronic devices. We also conduct an exhaustive physical inspection to search for devices that lost power, not producing a signal or the presence of a device previously installed.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Business

We can conduct bug sweeps in boardrooms, executive offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms and vehicles. Searches in these types of setting are often done as the result of a firing of key staff members, evidence of a leak of information, or when there is a meeting taking place regarding trade secrets or other highly confidential rooms. Not only can we search for these hidden electronic eavesdropping devices, we can also provide countermeasures to block transmitting devices as well.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure, Travel

We provide bug sweeps for Client’s who are traveling or having meeting in hotel rooms, vacation rentals and more. This is typically a high profile Client who needs to have privacy while staying outside their residence. We can conduct full sweeps in the hotel rooms, rental cars and more. We can also provide counter surveillance for our Client’s to ensure they are not being followed or monitored. There have been many instances where a hotel staff member installs a hidden camera in a hotel room to obtain footage of an A-lister, or even just a beautiful woman. There are people that have been caught doing this in the US and abroad.

Below is a list of common items we search for:

  • Pin Hole Camera
  • Hidden WIFI Cameras
  • Hidden Audio Surveillance Equipment
  • Hidden Smoke Detector Cameras
  • Nanny Cameras
  • Wall Charger Cameras
  • Alarm Clock Cameras
  • Hidden Audio equipment
  • Live Feed WIFI Cameras like NEST CAMERA SYSTEMS
  • GPS Tracking Devices

For information on electronic surveillance devices available to the general public, click HERE.

The costs associated with a bug sweep can vary based on the size of the location, the amount of furniture or office equipment in the space and so on. For more information of the fees associated with a TSCM, email us at [email protected].

Who Might Need a Private Investigator?

  • Individuals who believe their spouse might be cheating.
  • Individuals who think their boyfriend or girlfriend are cheating.
  • Individuals who are being harassed or stalked.
  • Parents who want to check on their children’s activities.
  • Parents who want to conduct an investigation on their children’s boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Business owners wanting to check on employees who are on worker’s compensation.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Businessmen or woman wanting to check on their partners.

Below are some links to stories on eaves dropping devices that people have found while traveling.




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  • Checkbox Alimony and support investigations
  • Checkbox Digital Recorders
  • Checkbox GPS tracking Devices
  • Checkbox Hidden Audio devices
  • Checkbox Pin Hole Cameras
  • Checkbox USB Audio and Video Devices
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